Lex PRC-5 (5) Channel Crossover Cable Protector, blue lid


(5) Channel Crossover Cable Protector, Medium Duty, Black Base, Blue Lid

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Lex PRC-5 (5) Channel Crossover Cable Protector

Product Specifications:
Brand: Lex PowerRAMP®
Part Number: PRC-5
Length: 35.5"
Width: 19.75"
Height: 2"
Slot Height: (5) 1.25" Channels
Slot Width:(4) 1.25" Channels / (1) 1.625" Center Channel
Material: Base & Lid: Base & Lid: Polyurethane / Hinge Pin: Reinforced Fiberglass
Load Capacity Per Tire/Axle:     16,300 lbs. Per Tire / 32,600 lbs. Per Axle at 70ºF
Operating Temperature:     -40ºF to 120ºF / -40ºC to 48ºC
Weight:   27 lbs
Markets Served: Commercial, Industrial, Military and Entertainment
- Protects cables and hoses from damage when run across roads, parking lots, sidewalks and pathways, providing safe crossing for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
- Heavy-duty, nonconductive polyurethane construction provides safe crossing for pedestrians and vehicles while protecting electrical cables and hose lines
- Rugged industry standard connectors with exclusive "slip notch" friction release design provides easy mating and un-mating
- Mates with major cable ramp brands and products
- 5-channel design can accommodate up to 1.25 inch diameter cables and hoses
- 1.625 inch wide center channel allows for up to #2 AWG 5-wire banded sets
- Exclusive tread design provides excellent traction
- Hinged lid provides easy access for insertion and removal of cables and hoses
- Made from UV stabilized material for prolonged use in direct sunlight
- High-visibility blue lid and black base
- Company name or logo can be molded into lid for easy identification



Lex PRC-5 (5) Channel Crossover Cable Protector

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