Triton TP-Y30-T4i-60-UL 30 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator

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This system operates using diesel to power a high reliability Yanmar diesel engine that drives a synchronous electrical generator. This electrical generator is a compact brushless design featuring automatic output voltage regulation to compensate for load and temperature variations

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Triton TP-Y30-T4i-60-UL 30 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator

Product Specifications:
Brand: Triton 
Part Number: TP-Y30-T4i-60-UL
Engine Make: Yanmar
Tier Rating: Tier 4i
Speed: 1800RPM
Engine Power Output: 34.3 kWm / 46.1 HP
Standby Power Rating: 30 kVA / 30 kW (Single Phase)
Prime Power Rating: 27 kVA / 27 kW (Single Phase)
Standby Power Rating: 37.5 kVA / 30 kW (Three Phase)
Prime Power Rating: 34 kVA / 27  kW (Three Phase)
Cooling: Radiator Cooled
Aspiration: Turbocharged 
Total Displacement: 202.5 Cu. In.
No. of Cylinders and Build: 4 - Inline
Bore and Stroke: 98 x 110mm
Compression Ratio: 18.5:1
Governor: Electronic
Fuel Consumption: ( Gal /hr ) Full Load 2.86, 75% Load 2.1 , 50% Load 1.46
Fuel Tank Capacity: ( Non - UL) 45 Gals
Oil Capacity: 9.5L
Coolant Capacity: 9L
Radiator Cooling Air: 1.176 m³/ min
Automatic control module to monitor over-current and over-temperature errors.
Frequency fluctuation and output volts monitored by control panel with system alarms in place.
Insulation on wiring which meets UL standards.
Emergency stop located on exterior of enclosure.
Locking door handles
Emergency stop push button is installed outside of enclosure for easy access during emergent situation.
Guards on all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces guarded to ensure personnel protection during use and service.
The lifting eye located on the top of enclosure and lifting slots located on the skid are designed for easy movement of generator.
Compact size and low noise
Lower fuel consumption and oil use
600 hour service intervals
1 year warranty

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