SSI ST1-1R1-17 Surge Tracker 120/240V

Protects against the damaging effects or lightning and electrical surges in a compact, easy
to install indoor/outdoor rated device. The ST1 is designed for 120/240 electrical systems
commonly found in North American residential applications.
SKU # : ST1-1R1-17
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SSI ST1-1R1-17 Surge Tracker 120/240V

Product Specifications:
Brand: SSI
Part Number: ST1-1R1-17
Protection Modes: L-L, L-G
Total Surge Current Rating: 50 kA
Nominal Discharge Current Rating (ln): 10 kA
Short Circuit Current Rating: 200 kA
Enclosure: NEMA 4X Watertight
Conduit Size: ½” NPT Parallel Wired
Temperature Rating: -40°C to 75°C
Diagnostics: LED on = Good.
LED off = check power and/or replace unit
Dimensions: 3.55” L x 2.89” W x 1.64” H
SPD Type: Type 1 Type 1
Product Certifications: Type 1 SPD, ANSI/UL 1449 (VZCA)
Warranty: 5 Year
NEMA 4X watertight enclosure for indoor/outdoor environments.
LED diagnostic indicates power and surge protection
Parallel connecting device connects to a dedicated circuit breaker, allowing unit to be
replaced without removing power to other loads.
Residential Applications
Small Office / Home Office
Well Pumps, Motors and HVAC Equipment
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