Elastimold 165LR-W5X 200A Loadbreak Elbow


The Elastimold® 165LR Elbow Connector is a fully
rated 15kV, 200 Amp Class loadbreak connector. It
includes provisions for energized operation using
standard hotstick tools allowing loadmake/loadbreak
operation and a visible disconnect. 

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Elastimold 165LR-W5X 200A Loadbreak Elbow

Product Specifications:
Brand: Elastimold
Part Number: 165LR-W5X
15kV, 200 Amp Loadbreak Elbow
Fully shielded, fully submersible molded rubber housing
100% peroxide-cured construction includes insulation and conductive EPDM materials
Provision for hot stick operation
Provision for ground wire connection
Wide cable range with minimum number of sizes