Kidde 468000 Pro Plus 2.5 MP Fire Extinguisher


Suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood & paper), Class B (liquids & gases) and Class C fires (energized electrical equipment).
The ProPlus 2.5 MP is fitted with a pressure gauge that provides at-a-glance status, is manufactured from impact resistant steel cylinder & sturdy aluminum valve assembly.

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Kidde 468000 Pro Plus 2.5 MP Fire Extinguisher

Product Specifications:
Brand: Kidde
Part Number: 468000
Net agent weight (Average): 2.6 lb.
Unit weight (Average): 4.38 lb.
Diameter: 3.0 inches
Height: 15.0 inches
Discharge time: 8-12 seconds
Discharge range: 10-15 feet
Operating pressure: 195 psi
Cylinder: Steel
Valve, handle, lever: Metal
Strap Bracket: U.S.C.G approved
Multipurpose Dry Chemical
UL listed
UL rated 1-A,10-B:C
U.S.C.G, DOT approved
Supplied with USCGapproved retention bracket
Monoammonium Phosphate
6 year limited warranty
Suitable for use on most common fires


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